building our future

An Investment beyond a lifetime

Our Mission

To construct a more holistic, multi-purpose and inclusive community centre with prayer halls, library, classrooms, recreation and gym facilities and more


Established in 1984 and incorporated in 1985
Co-founded with H.I. Syed Zaki Baqri who came to Canada in 1979, (first resident Alim in Ontario,second in Canada)
In 1986 leased two offi ce units, started to hold religious classes, Maghrabain prayers and Ramadhan programs.


The establishment of full year round religious programs: over 190 programs in Urdu & English during Muharram, Ramadhan, Wiladat & Shahadat, Shab e Jumma & Jumma – live programming broadcasted on internet.
Establishment of Ghusl burial services, Due e Tawasul, Thursday Madressa, Sunday Dar ul Quran, founded Youth & Ladies Committee and Programs

Our Current Reality

Zoning approval received by The City of Toronto in 2012
Currently the community has through various fundraising initiatives raised over 3.3 million Dollars. Currently we have $ 2.6 million dollars (cash in bank) and has approximately $700K in outstanding pledges, $ 2 Million committed as a interest free community loan and $ 3 Million bank loan. We need to raise around $3.1 Million to complete phase 1 to obtain occupancy.


To occupy the new Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre. To provide religious, spiritual, cultural and social services in a multi-purpose Islamic Community Centre for those living in the East Toronto area and its vicinity. To prepare for and serve the Imam of our time (atf) and act to protect and perpetuate HIS Deen, Inshallah.

Our Journey So Far

916 Markham

3500 McLevin

585 Middlefield

3480 McNicoll

510 Concession

3270 Markham

“You shall not attain righteousness until you spend out of what you love (in the way of Allah). Allah knows whatever you spend”
Surah Al ‘Imran [3:92]

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COuncil of Islamic Guidance
510 Concession 3 Road,
Pickering, ON
Info: (416)283-5492