• Must be a male individual, with a minimum of 2 year experience on the MY Society team;
  • Shall be responsible for the general management and supervision of the affairs and operation of MY Society;
  • Shall (when present) outline the agenda for the general meetings that are held;
  • May appoint, in consultation with other Directors, any additional sub-committees if deemed appropriate for any delegated tasks;
  • Shall approve of all sub-committees before members are designated
  • Will directly report to the EC on behalf of the MY Society team


  • Shall be a male or female individual, with a minimum of 2 year experience on the MY Society team;
  • Shall assist the President in all day to day affairs of MY Society;
  • Shall exercise the duties and authority of the President during the President’s absence, inability or resignation;


  • Shall attend and be responsible of ensuring that all Directors are aware of upcoming meetings with the Directors and or Executive Committee;
  • Shall keep appropriate records of all the facts and minutes of all meetings;
  • Shall ensure that the constitution, meeting minutes, resolutions are approved at the meetings and the Directors are notified of the availability of the minutes for access;
  • Must maintain all records and documents belonging to MY Society;
  • Must be responsible for all mailing procedures necessary from time to time, under the approval of the President and or Vice-president.
  • Shall be responsible for updating the MY Society bulletin boards with upcoming events.

Joint Secretary

  • Shall assist the Secretary in all day to day affairs of MY Society;
  • Shall exercise the duties and authority of the Secretary during the Secretary’s absence, inability or resignation

Director of Finance

  • Shall work with the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer of EC for any budgetary, monetary and financial planning matters and transactions of MY Society.
  • Will keep accurate and full records of the accounts, receipts, disbursements and other financial transactions of MY Society;
  • Shall collect all monies for safekeeping and collect all receipts for all events;
  • Be able to provide a record of credits and debits of every event when required;
  • Shall update the Directors and the Treasurer of the EC on the up to date finances of MY Society as well as goals to obtain funding;
  • Shall head a subcommittee of fundraising and donations if need be, with the approval from the President or Vice-President;
  • Shall be closely associated with the MY Society accountant

Program Directors (2 Positions)

  • The female director shall coordinate all female programs, while the male director shall coordinate all male programs;
  • Shall manage all the programs as decided by MY Society;
  • Ensure the advertising of the programs begin at a minimum of two weeks prior to launch date of program;
  • Shall ensure all appropriate notices and announcements are made and prepared for each program;
  • Shall contact and make the necessary arrangements that allows for the formation of the event to take place;
  • May seek help and assistance, as needed, from the Directors and or organized sub-committee through the approval of the President.
  • Shall work with the Program Director and Assistant Program Director of EC in booking event dates.

Director of Marketing

  • Can be a male or a female representative;
  • May distribute responsibilities amongst each other;
  • Shall update the MY Society section of the Council of Islamic Guidance site biweekly with new events and/or other information
  • Shall regularly post on media and social sites, consisting of Quran, hadith, and other religious context as determined by MY Society;
  • Shall post and advertise MY programs regularly on social media platforms on and leading up to the launch dates;
  • Shall update social media sites with photos from the programs that take place under MY Society.
  • May advertise for events outside of the community as well as programs from the Council of Islamic Guidance Inc.
  • Shall head a media subcommittee to aid in the implementation of tasks if need be, under the approval of the President.
  • Shall provide a helping hand to the EC if they require any assistance in EC marketing and social media activities.

Directors of Public Relations (2 Positions)

  • Must be one female and one male representative;
  • Shall keep an updated list of volunteers as well as subcommittee volunteers;
  • Shall recruit volunteers for events and amplify the advertising process;
  • Shall be responsible for the analysis of all events, including the day of the event, the preparation of the event from the beginning to end and must provide a detailed report for review for reference for future years;
  • In case of absence during the event, must appoint an individual to conduct process management analysis in their stead.
  • Shall be responsible for MY Society program announcements at the Council of Islamic Guidance on a regular basis. Must appoint another director in their absence.