Al Mahdi Sports & Recreation

Sports activities were arranged for kids during summer vacation. Then came, the idea of arranging Table Tennis on Friday nights, which was being attended quite enthusiastically (mostly men of our community). But the main ingredient of the molecule was missing in these activities, the mother. So, the idea of ASR[Al Mahdi Sports & Recreation] came into existence, with an intention to accommodate everyone in the family.

With ASR, CIG intends to provide sports, recreation and entertainment facilities to the members of our community within the confines of Islamic environment. This will facilitate mo’mineen to enjoy North American lifestyle and an alternate atmosphere filled with fun, physical activities and most importantly an aura of faith, brotherhood, salawaat and salaat. This program targets the entire family. 

There is something for everyone in the family. Be it fun loving kids (girls and boys), or the occasional sports frenzy father, or sober and caring mother. ASR provides entertainment value to everyone in the family.

Come and join us, have fun and improve your health.