Darul Quran

Darul Quran is a Sunday Islamic School where your child can:

  • Learn Quran in a safe and thriving environment
  • Creative Education plans
  • Loving and caring atmosphere
  • Wide and Varied Curriculum

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Enrollment Policy

JazakAllah for enrolling or considering to enroll with us. Together we will shape a much learned and confident Shia youth for the future.

Your Commitment to Us

Darul Quran must be a joint effort on behalf of both parents and ourselves. We expect a commitment not only from the children who enroll, but also the parents. The parents are responsible for ensuring that homework is completed, they must be dedicated to this commitment and must encourage their child to strive towards success.


Our levels are organized in a progressive manner, that is, each level builds upon the material from the previous one. There are four levels in total, each pertains to a different age group. Children in each level are taught three subjects and are given textual material for study.

Level Zainab            Ages 5 to 6

Level Fatima           Ages 7 to 9

Level Ali                 Ages 10 to 12

Level Muhammad    Ages 13 and up


There are some fees associated with enrollment in Darul Quran, they vary based on the number of children being enrolled.

1 child                   $250 per year

2 children and up   $500 per family per year

We strongly recommend the parents of children enrolled within Darul Quran to enroll their children within the weekly Thursday Madrassah as well. Children will be able to benefit from the classes held on Thursdays as an extension to their teachings from Darul Quran.

If a child is already enrolled within Darul Quran then there is no fee charged for enrolling within Thursday Madrassah.