Muslim Burial Plan

It is very expensive to die these days. Would you believe that the cost is in excess of $5,000.00!. This expense is an unavoidable burden for the heirs at a time when the family is grieving for the loss of their dear one.

We have launched this Muslim Burial Plan (MBP) as a cooperative organization to help the grieving families at their time of distress. It is run on non-profit basis to fulfill an essential need. It is totally separate, but organized and run by The Council of Islamic Guidance. Membership is open to all Muslims living in Greater Toronto Metropolitan and run on strict self-help principles. Since it is like an insurance policy, irregularities in subscription are not tolerated. It is specially designed to help the people in need and all services for destitute deaths are offered at no cost (Qurbatan Ill Allah).

Imam Jaffar-e-Sadiq (a.s.) said,

“If one forms the intention (Niyyat) properly in daily tasks one could get a reward from Allah, while doing them for his own benefit.”

Join the scheme with the intention of supporting the burial expenses of a person and the reward is yours along with full coverage for the whole family. For about a quarter a day the entire family gets the coverage and the thawaab will be a bourns.

Upon notification to the designated person and issuance of death certificate, the body will be transported to the Gusul Khana at Al Mahdi Center in Pickering. Gusul and kafan will be given, per Jafari Fiqh only, by the Council volunteers in cooperation with the family members of the deceased. The standard kafan and wooden coffin will be provided for the burial. The Salaat-e-Janaza will be performed and the coffin will be transported to the cemetery. Plot for the burial along with talqeen at the graveside. Burial spots are available in  Pine Ridge Memorial Gardens, 541 Taunton Road West, Ajax, Ontario and Brampton Memorial Gardens, Chinguahausi Road, Brampton, Ontario. Please keep in mind that it is recommended by our ulema to be buried in the exclusive Muslim graveyard. Transportation from outside the Greater Toronto Metropolitan and burial in any other cemetery are not covered by the MBP. Six Death certificates will be provided for the use to the heirs of the deceased..

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