Salamun Alaikum,

We look forward to welcoming the Mo’mineen at Al Mahdi Islamic Center (Council of Islamic Guidance). Keeping the current situation in mind and adhering to the guidelines provided by the Public Health department of the Region of Durham and the City of Pickering, we have decided to re-open our center with strict restrictions, to provide a safe environment for the attending guests. As always we are relying on our team of dedicated volunteers to successfully host the believers. We will need the understanding and cooperation of all attendees to achieve this goal. Thank you for your support.

Please note below key points so we are all on the same page as a community.

  1. Seating capacity via online registration is limited to a maximum of 140 guests distributed indoors and outdoors. Only those guests who register online can join the program in-person. Please register online, separately for each program, ahead of time to avoid disappointment.
  2. If you or your family member is not feeling well, please stay home and watch the program online.
  3. All attendees ages 10 and up are welcome to join the live program at the centre. All community members who are immunocompromised or vulnerable and all children under 10 years of age should stay at home and please watch online broadcasts.
  4. All attendees need to pre-register including each individual family member. Cut-off time to arrive at the center’s registration desk is 9:30pm at which point you may lose your spot.
  5. All attendees will need to undergo a temperature scan and screening questions prior to entry at the centre.
  6. All attendees are required to wear face masks at all times and avoid handshakes. Please maintain social distancing and practice good hand hygiene. Please avoid touching the face (eyes, nose, and mouth).
  7. Please bring your own Musalla for sitting on the floor (Farsh-e-Aza).
  8. Hand Sanitizers will be available at entry, exit, and throughout the centre. Please avoid using washrooms unless absolutely necessary.
  9. Eating, drinking, and food handouts are strictly NOT allowed on Al Mahdi premises. Attendees may bring their own water bottle for rehydration purposes.
  10. There will be no Jamat namaz at the centre.
  11. If you are unable to attend after booking a spot, please click here to inform 24 hrs prior to the event.
  12. Guests seating will be both indoors and outdoors based on availability.

Re-opening the centre under the current situation is a challenge for all of us and Inshallah we will all adapt to ensure the health and safety of all attendees. Please cooperate and be patient with the volunteers who are serving as front-line workers.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

CIG Management

GUIDELINES FOR PLACES OF WORSHIP Please click here and download the guidelines