A Message from Maulana Asad Jafri

With the arrival of the month of Jamaadiul Thaani comes the commemoration of the Shahadat of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (sa).  The days of Fatimiyyah are no less in their importance than the days of Ashura.  This is a golden opportunity for us to study her life and sunnah and attempt to emulate her path.  The love that the Holy Prophet (saw) had for her is well documented in our books of traditions.

ما كان أحد من الرجال أحب إلى رسول اللّه من عليٍّ ولا من النساء أحب إليه من فاطمة

There is no man more loved by the Prophet (S) than “the commander of the Faithful” Ali (a.s.) and no women more loved than Fatimah (s.a.).”  – Fadhael-Al-Khamsah vol. 3 pg. 127

When we examine her life, we can extract 2 very important lessons: her cry for justice and her defense of the Wilayat of Imam Ali (as).  The historical incident of Fadak and her famous sermon that she delivered in the masjid is a clear message for us that while she hardly ever left her house or spoke in front of men, it was the issue of the injustice of Fadak that caused her to not only leave her house but deliver a sermon in public.  When it came to Wilayat, again we see her leaving her house in search of defending her husband and his wilayat during the last moments of her life.

We pray to Allah (swt) to inspire us to tread her path and to also be advocates of justice and the defenders of Wilayat.

Al Mahdi center will be holding programs to commemorate Shahadat and celebrate Wiladat of Bibi Fatima (SA) in the month of Jamdiul Thaani. Please join us to become a host  for these programs by sponsoring them. You can sponsor these programs fully or partially as per your convenience. Please contact a member of the executive committee for sponsorship inquiries. May Allah (SWT) and the Masomeen (AS) reward you in this life and the hereafter.

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