Al Mahdi Mom’s & Tots

Al Mahdi Moms n’ Tots is a dedicated organization comprising mothers and youth within the community, committed to cultivating a nurturing space for mothers and their young children aged 0-12. Our core mission is to:

  • Inculcate positive affinity towards Islamic centers and by extension, their faith
  • foster meaningful connections within the community based on the teachings of Ahlalbayt (as)
  • Provide mothers and young children with a safe, welcoming, and positive Islamic environment 
  • Offer vital support by sharing essential resources 
  • Build connections between mothers and among children who share the same Islamic identity 


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Our Mission:
At the heart of our organization lies a holistic approach to the development of children, focusing on nurturing their minds and souls. We achieve this through engaging events that revolve around Islamic occasions, we aim to fortify their faith, increase knowledge, nurture love of Ahlalbayt (as), instill a sense of belonging, and foster positive associations with the mosque. 

Our commitment extends to the ta’lim and tarbiah of children, ensuring a well-rounded educational approach that nurtures their spiritual growth through the teachings of Ahlalbayt (as)

What We Do:

Central to our initiatives are annual programs such as Milad-al-Nabi, Sun Behind the Clouds (Wiladah of Imam Mahdi (atfs), and Jashne Buloogh. Complementing these, we also host bi-weekly Circle Time sessions, providing consistent opportunities to mothers and their young ones, for learning and bonding. These sessions feature interactive and exciting experiences, including crafts, plays, art competitions, and child participation in recitations, story time, puppet shows, hands on activities, games, speeches, and workshops. 

Our programs extend to field trips, parenting workshops, and collaborative events with MY Society such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentorship program.

One of our significant contributions during Ramadan includes Buloogh Iftars for boys and girls, featuring special sessions led by an Aalim. We aim to teach them to incorporate and embrace important milestones that bring them closer to Allah. These sessions, along with various other activities, contribute to an inviting, enjoyable, and hands-on approach to teaching the Deen. 

Our History:

Our journey began as a Wednesday Class for mothers led by our Marhoom Maulana Asad Jafri, initially exploring religious texts in an informal setting where moms could bring their kids. The need for a more organized group arose from the need to provide a space for young children and their mothers in the community. Evolving from simple classes, we have steadily grown into a dynamic organization, with the initiative starting in year 2018.