Innah Lillahi Wa Inna Illayhi Rajeoon.

“Surely, we belong to God and to Him we shall return.” Holy Quran, 2:156.

The Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre (CIG) is extremely shocked by the hate-motivated attack on the members of the Afzaal family. As a community we strongly condemn such acts of violence. We collectively grieve for the lives taken by the horrific, heinous and hate-motivated attack on a Muslim family, who were loved and cherished by friends and neighbors in London, Ontario. The attack has left us in shock and in grief.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and the 9 year old boy who survived — a boy who is left without a father, mother, sister and grandmother. As proud Canadian Muslims who are an integral part of this society, we strongly condemn this act of violence. 

We request our Provincial and Federal governments to take strong and concrete steps to address, identify and remove the roots of Islamophobia in order to prevent any such further incidents so that no other family or community may have to suffer such unspeakable tragedy. 

It is important for all of us to ensure our communities are safe and religiously tolerant, where all faiths are welcome and every member may live in peace and harmony.

Issued on behalf of the President,

Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre (CIG)

510 Third Concession Rd, Pickering, ON L1X 2R4